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In the lands of Midowl there are generations of animals from A-Z. History states battles between the ferocious, treaties formed by the kind and wise, and treachery in those who were once loyal. It's up to you to either bring chaos or create peace.
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 Map for the Wolves' Territory

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Map for the Wolves' Territory Empty
PostSubject: Map for the Wolves' Territory   Map for the Wolves' Territory EmptyTue Aug 30, 2011 12:21 am

Map for the Wolves' Territory Iaza11013822819100

Blood Pack Topic
Lunar Pack Topic

Blood Pack - Northeast Forest
Territory Summary - Residing next to a lake unknown to humans, Blood Pack live their lives in a dense forest filled to the brim with pine and sycamore trees.

Lunar Pack - West Forest
Territory Summary - Hidden in the West Forest, there are wolves that survive the fierce cold of winter and the searing heat of summer. Scattered around the forest, there are dens with enough room for a decent-sized pack of wolves. The black waters of Wild River flow through the forest.


Secret Lake - In summer, the lake is home to plenty of deer and other satisfying prey. It holds the cleanest water in all of Midowl. In winter, ice blocks cover the surface, allowing wolves to bravely cross into new territory. If it is frozen solid, when it melts, a flood can occur.
The Mountains - Even the bravest wolf would never dare try to cross the mountains. They act like shields to protect the humans and farms beyond from the wolves. A river formed at the top of the tallest mountain, streaming down into the west area.
Wild River - Flowing in the northwest direction, Wild River is crowded with pollution. Humans camp near the bank, never caring about what happens to the environment.

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Map for the Wolves' Territory
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