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In the lands of Midowl there are generations of animals from A-Z. History states battles between the ferocious, treaties formed by the kind and wise, and treachery in those who were once loyal. It's up to you to either bring chaos or create peace.
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 What is the Black Blood Alliance?

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What is the Black Blood Alliance? Empty
PostSubject: What is the Black Blood Alliance?   What is the Black Blood Alliance? EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 9:53 pm

The Black Blood Alliance was a group formed by Lakota and Lake, or who is more commonly known as Blood.

When they met at a gathering between the packs they had a very interesting conversation. They decided to create a sub-pack, one that was hidden within the mountains where no wolf would be able to find it. It was a far-fetched idea at first, but they decided it might benefit both of them since it's easier to gain power when others don't stand in your way.

Lakota talked Blood into joining his ways to the point where all he wanted was power and would do anything to gain it.

They eventually created the pack that was hidden in the mountains.

Together they caused death and terror to rule the forest, though Blood decided to keep his part a secret, Lakota didn't bother to hide his blood-lust.

He planned on ruling every pack and wasn't afraid of a rebel every now and then, for all who went against him would usually find themselves in Soul Pack.

This went on for years until others started to go to them and ask to be taken on as an apprentice. The leaders liked this idea and took them on, though most died from the harsh training they had to go through. But the survivors had to go through one task that didn't end well.

They had to shed the blood of the one they loved without hesitation, or they would be murdered by the two tyrants or the other pack members.

Lakota never had to worry about this, until he had pups. Storm and Cloud. Lakota decided something as he watched his son grow, as Cloud was taken by an eagle. He would make sure his son grew up to learn the Black Blood Alliance's ways and join.

Though he still had to fulfill the one thing all members must do...
He had to kill his mate...

Blood had to do the same, though he still had no successor as only sons could join.

Years later the Black Blood Alliance is still alive, but it isn't known by many now, only the members of it and elders in various packs.

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What is the Black Blood Alliance?
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