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In the lands of Midowl there are generations of animals from A-Z. History states battles between the ferocious, treaties formed by the kind and wise, and treachery in those who were once loyal. It's up to you to either bring chaos or create peace.
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 The Whole Idea (Wolves)

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PostSubject: The Whole Idea (Wolves)   The Whole Idea (Wolves) EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 11:03 pm

The Wolves

Lake (AKA Blood): Lake was born into Blood Pack as a gray pup with ice-blue eyes. His mother was Brook, a pure white she-wolf with matching blue eyes. His father was Gold, a black wolf with golden eyes. Lake's brother, Hunter, was almost an exact copy of Gold. Their sister was named Hazel. She also had amber eyes with white fur in contrast. Lake was a sweet, naive pup when he was young. But now he's a cruel wolf on the outside. After creating the Black Blood Alliance with his fellow friend, Lakota, he's killed at least 2 wolves. His mother and mate. Lake has exiled his own daughter, Neon, and blinded his other pup, Feather. He is now searching for another mate, aiming to get a new pup, a male preferably.

Serpentine: Serpentine is a black furred she-wolf with neon green eyes. She has a mixed personality, being strong and brave but shy and modest equally. She's the pup of subordinate female Yuri and sub. male Fang. Yuri is a ash-colored wolf with bright green eyes, and Fang is white with golden eyes. Serpentine was murdered by her own mate, Blood, who framed their daughter, Neon.

Neon (AKA Cinder): Neon is a white-furred she-wolf with bright green eyes. Some wolves describe her as if she has ash stained on her coat. She was exiled from her pack after being framed for murdering her mother, Serpentine. She now travels through the West Forest with a male wolf named Storm and two she-wolves named Luna and Ginger.

Feather: Feather is a blind she-wolf, described with dark gray fur and ice-blue eyes like her father's. She is caring, but gets agitated easily. Her mate's name is Shadow, and he's a black wolf with amber eyes, much like the old Gold and Hunter*. They have one pup. Her name is Mist, and she seems to be a replication of Neon (Cinder). Feather's story is sad, but not as much as Neon's. Feather was heartbroken when everyone she trusted had gone. She was made Beta after falling in love with a male named Shadow. Blood had become frustrated at her for having her pup with an Omega, and he accidentally blinded her in anger.

*Shadow is NOT related to them. That would be gross. (Feather and him would be cousins in a way.)

Lakota: (Coming soon)

Storm: (Coming soon)

Luna: (Coming soon)

Ginger: (Coming soon)

The Plot
Spring: The ice is thawing off the trees, cracking on the lake. Prey is starting to roam the forests, finished with their yearly hibernation. The wolves will fatten up again, preparing for a nice, warm spring. Though thoughts of hunters will trickle into their minds, haunting their once pleasant dreams.

Summer: This is the season the hunters come. The travel through the West Forest, throwing their dirt and trash in the river. Their guns are loaded, and they have bait slung over their shoulder, the chains of their unset traps clinking against their legs. The wolves cower in their dens, protecting their loved ones, slinking away from ominous sounds. They pray that the humans don't get any loot this season.

Autumn (Fall): The hunters' numbers lower, and wolves start emerging from their dens. The air is cooling, and the water is freezing. The prey is storing food and beginning their hibernation cycle once again. They days are getting shorter and darker.

Winter: Very rarely do hunters visit in the Winter. It's normally when they stay in the log cabins alongside the Wild River. The lake has completely frozen, and brave wolves from Blood Pack will dare cross it and confront the wolves of the West Forest. The river is at it's most dangerous, swirling blocks of ice through the forest. Snow will occasionally fall.

Note: The wolves territories aren't set in any certain area of the world. Maybe Canada. I don't know.

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The Whole Idea (Wolves)
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