A Howl In the Night
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A Howl In the Night

In the lands of Midowl there are generations of animals from A-Z. History states battles between the ferocious, treaties formed by the kind and wise, and treachery in those who were once loyal. It's up to you to either bring chaos or create peace.
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 The Cave of Loners

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The Cave of Loners Empty
PostSubject: The Cave of Loners   The Cave of Loners EmptySat Oct 15, 2011 9:31 pm

Sebastion watched his brother as they walked through the brush. Mitch seemed to be angry and quite tence, 'he hasn't talked to me since we left the cave...thats not normal.' The long grass brushed up against them and the air was chilled, it was getting dark and they were far from home. "Hey Mitch." he sped up and walked alongside his brother, "Where are we going?" Mitch looked over at him, now with a clear view of his face it was clear he was tired, "Far away from those people, I dont trust them nor do I like them." He looked up and off into the distance a mountain was now visable and he seemed to soften at the sight. "Now come on, its not far" he smiled and rushed forward, Seb looked after him but desided it was nothing. Shrugging he bounded after Mitch laughing.

Up among the trees two pairs of eyes watched the brothers, yellow and blue. The white pelted fox smiled and turned to his black pelted companion, "We arn't alone, their heading to the Loner's cave. That means they've seen the message..." The black pelted fox chuckled, "yes thats correct Leo, now what do you say Scotty here goes after them and sees if they are with us?" he pointed at himself with a dark paw. "Not without me you dont, Scotty!" They both slipped down from the tree grining happily and bounded off through the trees after the brothers.
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The Cave of Loners
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